Mitch McConnell will remain the Senate Majority Leader, barring an unexpected loss for Senate Republicans in the Georgia runoff elections.

While he’ll no doubt oppose many initiatives of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President-elect Joe Biden, McConnell has always shown interest in making progress on bipartisan challenges. That’s good news — because there’s one large challenge looming that Washington must urgently address.

Drug-resistant bacteria and fungi known as “superbugs” pose a dire threat to all Americans. These microbes, which are continually evolving and could soon grow immune to every existing antibiotic, could care less about partisan affiliations. They already kill up to 162,000 Americans each year. And that death toll will skyrocket in the years ahead unless scientists invent more antibiotics.

Unfortunately, scientists are struggling to raise the research funding needed to discover superbug-fighting treatments and save lives. The only way to overcome this growing health crisis is through long-term policy changes from our elected leaders — including McConnell.

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