Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a public health crisis.

Drug-resistant bacteria and fungi are evolving at a rapid pace. Within three decades, these “superbugs,” could kill up to 10 million people each year. Working to Fight AMR seeks to combat this public health crisis by stimulating the production of new antimicrobial medicines. Scientists have developed only one truly novel antibiotic since 1984, and just 1% of medicines in development globally address bacterial infections.

Without effective antibiotics, infections like UTIs will become very difficult to treat, and surgeries and cancer treatment will become even riskier. We have time to change this bleak future; we have time to turn American innovation into life-saving cures; you have time to send a message to Washington today.

The economics of this issue are upside down, but there are smart policies in Congress that could catalyze the creation of new antimicrobials.

We need your help.

Your Voice Can Save Lives

Action in Congress could accelerate the creation of new antimicrobials. To ensure that Washington, D.C. understands the urgency of this crisis, lawmakers need to hear from you. Use this form to easily send a video or message to your elected representatives and tell them to help stop the spread of superbugs by passing impactful legislation that encourages private sector investment, starting with the DISARM Act.

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