AMR Action Fund plans to invest $1 billion in startups fighting antibiotic-resistant bugs. Its first bets are on Venatorx and Adaptive Phage

A fund that plans to invest $1 billion in antibiotics companies has made its first two deals, backing startups aiming to tackle antimicrobial resistance in different ways.

Boston-based AMR Action Fund, backed by drugmakers and groups such as Wellcome Trust, launched in 2020 to finance smaller biotechnology companies with antimicrobial drugs in clinical trials, bridging what it says is a funding gap between early research and regulatory approval.

AMR Action—the “AMR” stands for antimicrobial resistance—is backing Venatorx Pharmaceuticals Inc., whose lead drug targets conditions such as complicated urinary-tract infections, and Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Inc., a developer of viral therapies for various infections, including those occurring in prosthetic joints…

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