Recently, leaders from all over the world gathering together to discuss the future of the industry and, even more specifically, how to combat the growing threat of AMR. 

Four industry leaders sat down to share their thoughts on how those in attendance are paving a way forward.

Dan Estes, Ph.D., shared a personal story about a family member who had complications from AMR. “There was only one drug left…” that could have helped her. “There was really nothing else after that except for some experimental procedures.”

Dan Estes, Ph.D. Partner, Frazier Healthcare Partners

Reza Halse, Ph.D, is the head of Pacific DB&L Hub for Merck and has been tracking the leading edge of investments and research for AMR. Reza tells us that “By 2050 more people will be dying of infectious disease than cancer.”

Reza Halse, Ph.D., Head Pacific BD&L Hub, Merck

Glyn Edwards, CEO of Summit Therapeutics, looks at this as one of the greatest threats we face today. When looking at the scope of AMR, he shares, “It’s a real looming problem. As big as climate change…”

Glyn Edwards, CEO, Summit Therapeutics

Pradeep Fernades, Bugworks Research Inc., understands that even as AMR’s scope will continue in the coming decades, it is a problem right now as well. From his experience, he has seen that this is not just a problem for 2050, but “this is an issue of patients dying today.”

Pradeep Fernandes, Bugworks Research Inc.